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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Easy Blogger Guide & Seo

Blog design anatomy
Blogger Anatomy Diagram
Hello everyone,,,

    I would like to discuss the basics of blogging and how you can do Seo(search engine optimization) friendly 

    So after hundreds of searches i have made it my self through the web and alot of articles i have read it also i would like to brief all this information for you all easily and in a simple way to get every point completely without confusion or distraction

    I will go through this Blog depending upon the illustrative diagram i have made above,,,so every time i recall this image i will say See The  Blogger Anatomy Diagram

To make my self clear the problem is that you see the blogger in a different way than the Search engines  and of course search engines is your way to have audience and fans and to have popular Blog
     so we will try to make mixture between our view to look STYLISH  to users and search engines to hit more TRAFFIC

how to design a blog

so to achieve this equation we will have to work on two Blog Facts:
    1-visitor side(content,style,social communications)
    2-search engine side(Search Engine Optimization)

Customizing visitor Blog side;  
Blogger Tips & Tricks                   

Blogger tips and tricks

Customizing Search engine(SEO);
SEO Blogger Tips & Tricks
SEO Tips & Tricks