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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What is SEO ?(SEO blogger Tips & Tricks)

What is SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

it is kind of customization to your site or your blog to be friendly to search engine like
Google ,Yahoo, MSN  ,Bing and so on ...

Why SEO ?

Because if you haven't make that modifications search engines will not see you the right way even if you have marvelous content and  this will go with you to zero traffic(visitors) almost

How is SEO ?

Rule no# 1  "Content is the King" you have to put in your site/blog unique content and that will be the corner stone for the whole site/blog

Rule no# 2 some tips i will give it to you that make your pages friendly to search engines through this diagram
blog design diagram
1 keywords
keywords is the key for right SEO so i have preferred to start with it first 
How to make keywords search?
there are alot of tools like google keyword tool,,,,,,,,,,
Here is short video tutorial showing you how you can choose suitable keywords using my favorite google adwords keyword tool

For better video resoultion watch on it on my channel on youtube

After picking and saving the right keywords we will go and put and implement them smartly in 
1-post title  
2-main content  
3-meta tag search description(for blogger users,see point no#9 in blogger tips & tricks
4-HTML edit to put the keywords in the main HTML frame for the blog or site(needs some knowledge to HTML tags not to screw up your blog or site,see point no#10 in blogger tips & tricks)

2 Blog Title(Site Name)
-Blog title is important to be descriptive for the blog content and blog interest

-Blog URL is also so important so once you have published your posts online(and get URL for every post) Don't try to change the URL of the blog because this will cost you alot of traffic(visitor) loss because it will change all the post URLs for all your posts ,it takes maybe  up to week or two or more for search engine to modify your blog URL and posts URL for online viewers

3 Post Title(Page Name)
By Default Blogger put the blog title before post title like:
Blog title | Post title  Example:(Ferrari | Ferrari f458 specifications and ....)

This way maybe not suitable for Search Engine because sometimes it is long to be all displayed and the result will be that blog title fully displayed and post title not fully displayed,,so  we will edit it to appear like this:
Post title | Blog title   Example:(Ferrari f458 specifications and photos | Ferrari)

Go to Template-->>edit HTML-->>ctrl + f and paste 

Then replace it with:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'> <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title> </b:if>

Save it,to make sure it is ok ,,go to your browser open one published page from your blog and hover over its tab in the browser it will show you the new configuration,,Example:
blog title tips and tricks

4 Main Contet & Style
Content is the King
-This item totally depends on you and your knowledge which will you share with other through your blog/site

-My tip to you choose popular issues which you know alot about it and can display it interestingly on your pages

-Notice:One of the most effective places to implement keywords is in the content especially for Google because it crawls all your pages for this keywords other than putting them in special places in HTML form

-Style:Google Blogger supplies you with punch of very powerful tools to design and style your blog well like Google Templates  and Google Layout

5 Gadgets & Sharing Buttons
Rule no#1   Socializing is important and (i mean social sharing buttons and application like (Facebook ,Twitter ,Stumble ,Tumblr ,linkdin ,Pinit,......)

Rule no#2  Don't Stack lot of these tools try to pick simple and clean ones because as more as you put in your blog/site it will not be friendly for SEO or for the Traffic(visitors) because it make your page take long time loading to be fully enabled

6 Links & Back links
Links:you need to have some powerful links for highly rated sites(high page rank sites) that are related to your content because this is so important for search engines

Back links:They are the links which refer to your site in other sites related to the same content you have.
This is kind of tough job little bit for beginners like me :),,But if you have a friend or a group that knows about your content you can ask them to put links for you blog/site and it will be more powerful if those site are highly ranked

7 Webmaster Tools{Site Map}
Webmaster tools Powered to you by Google Webmaster Tools is the magic stick for every magician,As he can't be effective through the show without using it

You can Google Webmaster Tool -->>sign to google webmaster tool -->>add their code in your blog/site-->>they will guide through the steps

I will discuss here  How to Add Site Map  to your Blog/Site because it is very important to your SEO

After signing in to Google Webmasters Tools and adding their code and verifying your ownership to the Blog/Site

Go to Home page you will find your blog name-->>click it-->>Optimization-->>Site Map
webmaster tools home page

site map edit option in Google webmaster tools

Add Site Map button -->> then paste in the box the following line:
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500   {incase  <=500 posts in your blog}

{incase  <= 1000 posts in your blog}

{incase  <= 2000 posts in your blog}

And So On,,,,,,,,,,,,
Then Submit Site Map,,,,,,,


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