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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to design a blog in Blogger

How to design a blog in Blogger

Designing(customization)is a matter of art related to every one concerning his views and his insight for the the style of the blog he wants to be compatible to his content ,,

In this section,,,,i will help you all with giving tips for the customizing secrets that is not declared in blogger to be used and how to apply it easily

First of all.,,,,blogger gives you basic standard tools that i my self found it great and very useful
go to the left of the main blog page

how to design a blog in blogger

Layout and Template is the keys to  the garden of Eden in blogger they have lots of ways to help you to design your blog with just couple of clicks and few drag & drop moves

Note: In the layout you can drag drop but in templates you cannot ,,but you can do alot of  stuff like background color,font sizes,colors gadgets and adjusting width of  the page and the gadget ,,,every thing you need

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