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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to add Image (Logo) Header to your Blog

How to Customize Your  Blogger Header image and make your own Logo Design for Blogger

1 - One Method pick the image you like to edit and make it as Header image a.k.a. ( Blogger Logo )
Example : i want to make a site for laptops and will use this image as a logo for the site

image header logo
Then Go to Images Maps Online image map editor
I will help you though the coming Photos to make it easy through this nice and very helpful site

image maps main page
After choosing the photo you want press start mapping your image

image-maps uploading process

After count finishes press go to next step

image-maps choose shape

Use rectangle shape or custom shape on the part of the image you want it to refer to specific section in your site

image-maps setting url for the desired part

Write in the link for this map the URL of your website and you can test it instantly by pressing test link

image-maps get html code

press get your code
image-maps html final code

Copy the HTML source and paste it in Blogger Layout -->>Add a Gadget-->> Add HTML /JAVA Script

If you can donate to this site it would be nice as a support for this cool helpful site,,
But if you cannot you can be helpful just by allowing backlinks and it wouldn't affect you at all

image-maps allow back link

2 - Second Method: Use the image gadget in Blogger Layout
Go to Layouts ==>>add a Gadget ==>> image
Blogger image gadget

Blogger image gadget customization

But the problem with that tool it makes one link URL to all the image area ,Unlike image map tool that make you specify special region with special shape and can make multiple spots with multiple URLs 

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